Mirror Nail Powder Nail Art Powder Metallic Chrome Powder 24 Colors Manicure Pigment


    24 COLOR OPTIONS: orange, rose red, red, blue, silver, rose gold, lavender, golden, purple, green,… you can apply different colors to create beautiful manicures as you request
    DELICATE TEXTURE: Duufin mirror nail powder without particle feeling, delicate and smooth, you can create mirror effect manicure
    EASY TO USE: Keep your nails clean, apply a layer of base oil, then apply a thin layer of nail powder, then finally apply a layer of coating oil (note: different nail base colors will show different nail art color effects.)
    WIDE APPLICATIONS: metallic chrome powder can be applied to natural nails, acrylic nails, UV gel nails and so on, perfect for nail art design
    HOT NOTICE: The nail powder jar with a waterproof cap and sealed in good condition to prevent the powder from flying out, please open the jar cap carefully, to prevent the nail powder flying off and causing an unnecessary loss.

    This mirror nail powder can create three basic effects:
    1. transparent base: close to the original powder color, shining, glorious and dazzling.
    2.White base: show more shimmering and translucent effect, create a sense of nobility.
    3.black base: shows metallic effect and make you look cool and shiny.

    First: wipe your nails, keep them clean;
    Second: apply a coat of base oil;
    Third: apply a thin layer of nail powder;
    Fourth: Apply a layer of coating oil.

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