Houston News : Why you can’t watch KHOU 11 on TV right now


It’s not just you.

If you have DirecTV or AT&T U-verse, KHOU 11 is currently unavailable on your TV.

A dispute between AT&T and Tegna, the owner of Channel 11, over retransmission rates has pulled the channel from the relative providers’ lineups. The dispute could affect DirecTV and U-verse customers from watching Colts-Texans game Sunday and Alabama-LSU game Saturday.

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“In order for KHOU to be delivered to your home, we negotiate agreements for the rights to carry our station with video service providers like DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse,” KHOU said in a statement on its website. “Unfortunately, DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse have refused to reach fair, market-based agreements with us.”

The Houston Chronicle’s David Barron reports that AT&T said Tegna “is demanding the largest rate increase we have ever seen, and intentionally blacking out its most loyal viewers. We challenge Tegna to return its local stations immediately while we finalize a new agreement and pledge to pay Tegna retroactively whatever higher rates to which we eventually agree.”

AT&T also said on tvpromise.com that customers can get Channel 11 through the Locast TV app on your DIRECTV Genie or U-verse internet-connected receivers or the Locast mobile app.

It’s currently unknown when Channel 11 will be back for DirecTV or AT&T U-verse customers. More information can be found at KHOU.com/directv.

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Source : chron.com