Houston News : This Houston bike plan is every cyclist’s dream


Officials unveiled a version of the East End Bike Plan during a virtual town hall meeting Wednesday.

The map shows where community members and data on Houston’s deadly streets dictate there should be more bike lanes, a vision brought together over months of public input and analysis.

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Here’s the full vision, which includes bike lanes that already exist, those under construction and those the community hopes to be built with government support:

This is what the full network of the East End Bike Plan looks like.

East End Bike Plan

The plan was put together by Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office and the East End District. The entirety of the plan is in the city of Houston, but Garcia – an elected official of Harris County – wants to lay the groundwork so the city and East End District can hit the ground running, according to Gail Delaughter of Houston Public Media.

“This is a huge opportunity to make sure we’re connecting bikers and pedestrians with area businesses to help offer economic development and continued success of mom-and-pop shops in the neighborhood,” he said in 2020.

If you still want to voice your input on where bike lanes should be in the East End, you have until April 14 to submit comments.

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