Houston News : The internet is praising S.A. man who shared the mute button at gas station pumps


If you’re ever annoyed by the loud advertisements that play as you’re filling up your rank at a local Valero gas station, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, one San Antonio resident is coming through to save the day.

Reddit user u/Collinnn7 took to the r/sanantonio subreddit to share a secret he discovered – on accident, no less – while pumping gas recently at a Valero.

“I was trying to press the button to bring up the ‘Print Receipt?’ screen and I hit the mute button by mistake,” u/Collinnn7 told MySA. “The volume on the ad shut off and I didn’t know if it was because I had pressed the or because I was finished pumping.”

Gassing up can come without being annoyed by ads now.

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During his next visit to the gas station, he decided to figure out if the mute button truly exists.

“I pressed the same button to test it and it muted the advertisement!” u/Collinnn7 said excitedly. Since then, he’s made it a point to always mute the loud ads. Now, he’s sharing the fortunate discovery with other locals.

“I figured that [if] the ads startled or annoyed me, then I couldn’t be the only one who would make use of that hidden mute button,” u/Collinnn7 said.

He’s right. On Reddit, plenty of locals have thanked him for posting the information as well as sharing stories of their own annoyances with the booming advertisements.

“The hero we deserve,” praised u/R6J10.

“I’m so sick of Maria Menounos acting like I’m at a cinemark,” said a snarky u/pirate21213.

“Wow, I love you so much,” said a thankful u/TiredAndSad69.

“How do I get it to not ask me 17 questions?!” wondered u/TX_AF.

“Damn ad made me jump the other morning,” admitted u/savedbytheblood72. (Editor’s note: Been there.)

“If they are going to force ads on me then they better make the gas free,” pleaded u/shatteringopal.

“I usually just look for whichever one has the most wear and tear, usually does it,” shared u/idc8. “Decent gas stations will label the damn thing.”

Other users chimed in to say that the button also works at other chains such as Chevron and Circle K, not just Valero locations.

While he’s helped plenty of locals on Reddit, u/Collinnn7 wants to get the word out even more.

“It seems weird to me that they would have the functional button but not label them at any of their locations,” u/Collinnn7 said. “I actually want to make little labels that say ‘mute’ so whenever I am getting gas I can stick them next to the button.”

Let this be a reminder that not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they just have little labels.

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