Houston News : Longtime River Oaks Bookstore to close after 47 years


The days of book signings, book clubs and complimentary gift wrapping are numbered for River Oaks Bookstore, which will close permanently at the end of the year.

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River Oaks Bookstore closing at the end of the year https://t.co/VAn41qWd3Z

— riveroaksbookstore (@riveroaksbook) November 20, 2020

“As they say, all good things must come to an end,” Corson wrote. “After nearly forty-seven years in business, River Oaks Bookstore will close at the end of this year. When our doors close, a huge part of my life – all of our lives – will close with it. “

The River Oaks Bookstore has been a mainstay for many Houston readers, offering an array of unique and local distinctions such as a “Texana” and “History and Espionage” section.

Independent bookstores across the nation have faced similar dilemmas between the pandemic and growth of companies like Amazon.

Is there any way to save historic indie shops like River Oaks Bookstore?

“When possible, shop local. Pay attention to the places and people that make a difference to your community, and to you,” Corson writes.

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Source : chron.com