Houston News : Kingwood Park High School students unveil second home built for homeless vet


A few architecture and engineering students at Kingwood Park High School are reminding us that there’s still good happening in this world.

“Being able to pick up a veteran off the street and give him a home to live in and grow is just amazing to me,” KPHS senior Ryan Parker told KHOU-TV.

The 209-square-feet living space comes with all the essentials, including a bed, dining table, chairs and cabinets.

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This is the second tiny house built by the students, with the first one being given to U.S. Marine Corps veteran Edward Rodriguez last year.

On the afternoon of Feb. 21, 2019, a local Marine veteran received the keys to a brand new tiny home. Sergeant Eddie Rodriguez, who served in Operation Desert Storm, said he didn’t find out about the home until two days before the ceremony.

Savannah Mehrtens/Staff Photo / Savannah Mehrtens/Staff Photo

“It totally upended my life,” Rodriguez shared with Doherty, recalling a stroke he had two years ago. “I lost my house, my job and found myself in need. I’d always been independent, a Marine, the hero, do things by myself, and then I found myself humbled, so to speak.”

The veteran’s life was changed when he was put in touch with the Students Helping Veterans project, which the students say makes all of their hard work worth it.

The new home will be donated and moved to the Langetree Retreat and Ecocenter in Liberty County.

Parker said they hope to continue the effort in the years to come.

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