Houston News : Houston woman accused of spending $3.6M in PPP loans on Land Rover, luxury Items


“The charges allege Wiggins used these funds to make personal purchases such as for two homes, multiple vehicles and luxury goods – rather than for any legitimate business purposes,” the Justice Department stated.

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In a bid to secure CARES Act funds, 37-year-old Wiggins submitted two PPP loans for two business Wiggins & Graham Enterprises LLC and Pink Lady Line. Once approved, Wiggins received $3,648,145 in loans—funds that are intended to be used by small businesses to keep their companies afloat and pay their employees, according to the Justice Department.

Instead, Wiggins spent the funds on a number of lavish personal purchases, according to ABC-13’s Mayra Moreno.

$78,976: 2020 Range Rover
$25,586 Saks Fifth Avenue
$12,594: Hermes
$64,477: Chanel
$46,000: Neiman Marcus
$36,000: Amazon
$14,000: Apple
$5,000: Helzberg Diamonds
$205,000: Business in Houston
$688,489: Home in Cypress
$248,699: Home in Katy

If convicted, Wiggins faces up to 30 years in federal prison and a possible $1 million maximum fine.

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Source : chron.com