Houston News : Houston Rodeo dedicates $21 million to young participants and youth education


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials approved an educational commitment of $21,691,500 to support Texas youth for next year. These funds will be distributed to over 800 scholarships.

The news comes after the rodeo announced its plans for next year. The event will refrain from having their adult oriented open show, and shift focus to the junior-level programming.

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The rodeo is keeping its promise, as the educational commitment will distribute some of those dollars to scholarships, junior show exhibitors, educational program grants and graduate assistantships.

“Despite a heartbreaking early closure in 2020 and the difficult months that followed, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo remained committed to its mission of promoting agriculture and supporting Texas youth and education, and we hope today’s announcement is a bright spot in a challenging year,” said Chris Boleman, Rodeo president and CEO.

While funds for scholarships and junior show exhibitors will be gifted directly to participants, the educational program grants and graduate assistantships will be awarded differently.

The educational program grants will be awarded to 501(c)(3) charities and accredited institutions of higher education that are in direct alignment with the Rodeo’s mission. As for the graduate assistantships, they will be awarded to 11 Texas Universities, and each school will be able to have their own application and selection process, according to the release.

“Thanks to the unwavering support from our community, and the resiliency of our dedicated 35,000 volunteers who share a passion for our charitable mission, we are able to reaffirm our promise to the youth of Texas and also lend support to charitable organizations that serve our great community and state.”

The 2021 rodeo will be held March 2 to 21. You can find more information on its website.

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Source : chron.com