Houston News : Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo part of panel on race and equity called ‘Unfinished Business’


Oct. 16, 2020Updated: Oct. 16, 2020 4:43 p.m.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo will be featured on a panel streaming on Twitch called “Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America.”

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Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo will team up with former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of a panel called “Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America.”

Acevedo will be part of an interview featured on Sunday, October 18, whose goal is to spark conversations about racism in America, among other topics.

Throughout 2020, Acevedo has made headlines for voicing his support of George Floyd protesters and warning looters during Hurricane Laura, so it comes as no surprise he would be front and center for this event.

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I believe in equality with my whole heart, and I’m honored to host this summit on race and equity with @usc, @Twitch & @attn. This won’t just be a summit with talk. It is time for action. Unfinished Business will produce a blueprint for change. pic.twitter.com/oIFdR9SiiG

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) October 15, 2020

Produced by ATTN, the live virtual summit will be streamed on Twitch and will include a panel of Democratic and Republican leaders from across the world, along with broadcasters such as Soledad O’Brien, and celebrities such as Usher and Nas.

The panel will tackle various topics such as the state of the economy, healthcare, policing, and race and voting rights. It will stream October 16-18 from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. CST.

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