Crystal Rhinestones Flat Back Nail Art Rhinestones Jewelry Gemstones For Crafts With Tweezers


    Clear Flat Back Crystal Rhinestone Set: These rhinestones are not patches and have no glued back. You need extra glue to use them.
    💎2 different tools: the picking pen is suitable for picking small rhinestones easily; the curved tip tweezers are more suitable for choosing bigger rhinestones.
    High Quality Flat Back Rhinestones: Our rhinestones are made of high quality glass with mature cutting technology, and can be used in almost any field.
    💎 Wide range of applications: Diamonds can not only be used to decorate your nails, face, etc., but also to DIY cellphones, clothes, mirrors, shoes, etc. Our diamonds can be used on various fabrics.

    Outuxed comes from the love of people who love life for DIY. We are dedicated to providing colorful DIY products to chase soul comfort and happiness. Move as you wish, capture happiness with your fingertips.

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    Source: Dynamic Nail Supply