Butterfly Nail Art Stickers, 24 Sheets in 1 Pc Butterfly Nail Water Transfer Stickers Wraps Adhesive Butterflies Nail Stickers Nail Art Tattoos


    ❤ VARIOUS PATTERNS: Package includes 1 different butterfly nail art stickers. No duplicates, trendy and cute designs.
    ❤ GOOD QUALITY: The butterfly nail water transfer stickers made of premium material, easy to remove. With proper application, you can get your charming nails at home.
    ❤ PRETTY EFFECT: Butterfly nail art stickers will give such a lovely effect, making your nails shiny and attractive.
    Easy to use: apply nail polish first, cut out your favorite designs, immerse them in water for 10 seconds, wick excess moisture, slide the design onto nail surfaces, dry the water , apply the top coat.
    ❤OCCASIONS: The best gift for your friends, mother, wife, Butterflies Nail Art Stickers are perfect for your fingernails and fingernails. Perfect for home use and nail salon.

    1. Wash your nails well and dry them completely.
    2. Roughly cut out the desired pattern, remove the film from the product and immerse it in water for 10-20 seconds.
    3. Wet your nails with water.
    4. Wet the nail, using tweezers, gently slide the sticker onto the nail surface face up and press firmly.
    5. Use a paper towel to gently dry excess water on the surface.
    6. Apply a top coat to the nail to protect the sticker for a lasting professional manicure look or apply a coat of clear nail polish.
    7. You are now ready to show off your beautiful manicure.

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