86W UV-Nail-Lamp LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp Light with Auto-Sensing 30/60/90/120s Timer Setting for Gel-Nail Polish Builder


    4 TIMER SETTING WITH LCD DISPLAY: There is 30/60/60/90 s timer and 120 s LOW HEAT MODE setting, which allows better control of the curing time of each layer of gel to create nails perfect. Besides, the 120s intelligent low heat function specially designed for people with thin or soft nails, it can effectively reduce the burning pain caused by high power from the beginning. In addition, it is also equipped with a large LCD display which clearly indicates the curing time.
    Automatic detection for curing: Without pressing any switch, a motion sensor turns on the lamps when you or your client put their hand, so you can continue working with your client’s other hand or toe without having to press on the buttons every time, it would reduce your overall working time.
    LARGE SPACE AND LONG LASTING LIFE: The nail dryer has enough space, which makes it easy to put 5 fingers or 5 toes on, even two hands at the same time. And 24 LED beads with 50,000 hours lifespan are evenly distributed inside that would help to cure the gel nail polish evenly and not hurt your skin. No need to change the bulbs!
    CURE ALL GEL NAILS: Dual optical wavelength (365nm + 405nm) makes the UV nail lamp compatible with all types of UV / LED nail polish brands including CND Shellac, OPI, Gelish and Sally Hansen nail builder gel, poly gel, hard gel, nail sculpting gel and rhinestone gemstone glue.
    DETACHABLE BASE: The bottom plate of the nail lamp prevents light leakage, which can be freely disassembled to clean the gel nail polish from the lamp. Besides, the nail gel lamp with beautiful appearance of unique design and ultra-bright look, which can be used at home and in professional salon environment. And it is the best gift for your friend or family.

    How to use Lavender Violets 86W UV nail lamp?
    1. File, shape and polish your nails.

    2. Apply a thin layer of base coat, do not touch the cuticle or skin along your nails. (Do not remove the sticky residue from each layer as it helps the next layer to adhere to the nails.)

    3. Plug the power cord into the secure outlet, dry your nails for 60 seconds.

    4. Apply the gel color you like, use the appropriate timer (30s / 60s / 90s / 120s) to cure according to your gel polish requirements.

    5. Finally, apply a thin coat of top coat without cloth and let dry for 60 seconds.

    6. If you are using a normal topcoat which is still tacky after curing, wipe your nails with a mild cleanser to remove the sticky residue.

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